Designer Wish List by Kate Bingaman-Burt

I suspected that if I asked a group of talented designers to piece together their holiday wish lists that their picks would blow my mind. My suspicions were right. Without further ado, I’ll hand this blog post over to the incredibly talented Kate Bingaman-Burt. Check back these next few weeks for more Designer Wish Lists.

Kate’s Holiday Wish list: AKA Double Rainbow Fantasy; AKA It Rains A lot in Portland; AKA I Miss The Sun, So Surrounding Myself With Color Will Have To Be An Appropriate Substitute and Not Just Vitamin D Supplements.

I love living in Portland, but sometimes this whole winter rain thing really gets me down. There isn’t a lack of colorful objects in my life right now, but perhaps if I surrounded myself with objects that actually utilized all of the colors of the rainbow, I would be able to throw out my sunlamp, vitamin D supplements and take the Double Rainbow and Reading Rainbow clips off my video rotation (no offense Levar Burton. I love you).

Let’s focus on the electronic items that I use the most: my computer, my camera and my iphone.

Now, let’s give them a rainbow facelift.

1. Rainbow decals for my MacBook.
2. Rainbow Pentax K-X
3. Hare for iPhone

Ahhh…I am starting to feel better already.

Next, let’s focus on my accessories.

4. Yellow Owl Workshop Color Wheel Necklace
5. 8:20 am Watch
6. Beklina Rainbow Multi Disk Bead Necklace
7. Gold Hunter Wellingtons

Yes, I would wear both necklaces at the same time. Yes, I realize that the boots are gold, but let’s pretend that these are the gold that you find at the end of the rainbow (and since they are sold out and impossible to find, I would consider the metaphor fitting). And that watch is just hot.

Alas, let’s think about a Perfect Rainy Rainbow Evening.

8. Anthropologie Rainbow Sette
9. Hell, Yes Mug
10. Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray
11. The Rockafire Explosion
12. Wonder Showzen

Sometimes I am not working, so let’s think about an ideal Rainbow evening, shall we? I would make myself comfortable on my new Rainbow Sette (and pretend that it is actually comfortable, because I doubt that it is). I would then grab my Hell, Yes mug (coffee, seltzer water, diet coke or Revel Berry Yerba Mate are my drinks on rotation), use my new soup and sandwich plate to eat some tomato soup (from The Portland Soup Company) and grilled cheese (from The Grilled Cheese Grill) and then watch The Rockafire Explosion and Wonder Showzen until I fall asleep.

And Happy Holidays, too.
Thanks for reading,

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