Designers Reaching Out to Japan

As the layers of devastation continue to unfold in Japan, designers are creating ways for the world to give through their art, with proceeds benefiting relief organizations.

Max Erdenberger, Wieden + Kennedy designer in Portland, OR, designed this poster screenprinted by Steve Denekas and Walker Cahall. Donations for this poster start at $25.

Designer Nick Nawroth quickly got to work too, donating proceeds to American Red Cross relief efforts in Japan.

“Feeling helpless just listening to the news about the quake, the resultant tsunami, and the nuclear reactor problems, I decided to do what very little I could: I made a poster.”—via

100% of proceeds from this tee made by Joshua Smith at Hydro74 will go toward The Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Japan.

by Signalnoise.

“Part of the ST8MNT extended family lives in Japan. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families affected by this tragedy. We would love to help in anyway possible.”—via The ST8MNT Blog.

The above four posters (from top left clockwise) are by Susana Machicao, Erik Brandt, Utpal Pande and Yossi Lemel. Machicao and Rene Wanner created an online exhibition of Posters for Japan.

“This poster represents the resilience of the Japanese people. The lotus symbolizes birth and rebirth, and the red lotus in particular represents love, compassion and passion (much of which is needed for the people of Japan).”—poster by Linda Yuki Nakanishi.

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  3. Jessica Kuhn

    Utpal, all of these posters, tees, etc. feel like a giant hug reaching all the way to Japan. Thank you for sharing your poster. Peace to all in Japan, and those with loved ones over there.

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