How Designing a Logo is Like Building a House

In The Logo Brainstorm Book, author Jim Krause presents an interesting simile of how designing a logo is a lot like building a house. Get this book, and many other logo design resources, in the HOW to Design a Logo Ultimate Collection.

In the meantime, dive into this excerpt below from The Logo Brainstorm Book.

Building a house is important business. Houses are meant to appeal to buyers through their aesthetics and functionality, houses should resist the forces of nature and houses ought to be constructed so that they will last a long time. A wise builder would never begin construction on a house without first looking into the tastes of its potential buyers, without coming up with a solid blueprint and without taking stock of all the materials and supplies needed for the project.

Logo design, as it turns out, has a lot in common with home building: Logos should be aesthetically appealing and functionally capable, logos need to attract the attention of their target audience and logos ought to be resilient against the winds of fad and fashion.

Do you want the logo you’re about to build to appeal, function and last? Do you want the construction process to be as efficient, enjoyable and on-target as possible? Then you’ve got to prepare for the work ahead by gathering insight into the tastes of the people who will be paying for your design, the preferences of the audience who will be viewing it, the ways in which it will be used, the environments in which it will appear, the materials and tools that could be used to produce it and the means by which it could be constructed.

If this sounds like a demanding list of things to take into account when developing a logo, you’re right. It is a sizable list, but it’s also a reasonable and manageable accounting of what it will take to initiate your next logo-building project and to improve your chances of coming up with a successful design.

Ready to get started with designing a logo? Read more about Krause’s proposed process for developing a logo in The Logo Brainstorm Book. You’ll find this book in the How to Design a Logo Ultimate Collection, along with Logo, Font and Lettering Bible, Design DNA: Logos, Identify: Basic Principles of Identity Design in the Iconic Trademarks of Chermayeff & Geismar, Logo Notion presented by Steve Geissbuhler (mp3 from HOW Design Conference), and How to Design a Logo independent study.