Designing Change

There’s something special about hearing stories of designers using their craft to reach out to make a big difference. As communicators, you’re in an extremely influential role. It’s through your craft that ideas begin and minds can be opened; debates and conversations sparked.

Take, for instance, The Design Revolution Road Show this past spring. A ’72 Airstream trailer carried Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller, a dog and 40 humanitarian design solutions to more than 35 high schools across the country over 75 days. The products range from the spider-boot, safe footwear for land mine detection teams, to the Hippo Roller, a water transport barrel for the developing world.

Then, there’s the Home Street Home campaign that hit the streets of San Francisco, literally. Using found cardboard, Brian Singer, creator of the 1000 Journals Project, hand-stitched the words “Home Street Home,” piercing 1,080 holes per sign.

He then framed and hung the sign in the same manner a grandmother would in a warm entryway, but on the streets of the city where the homeless live. He did this all simply to make passerby snap out of their routine and take notice.

Over the past year, HOW featured both of these stories (along with many others) in the Designing Change Column in the magazine. As this column continues, you’ll also see more stories of designers making a difference featured on the HOW Blog.

In addition to hearing about projects directly from designers, we’re excited to have David Berman curate topics as well. If you listened to David speak at last year’s HOW Conference in Denver, than you’ll agree that he’s the best man for the task with his contagious enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the topic. Did I mention that he’s a special advisor to the United Nation’s on how to use design to improve humanity’s condition?

So stay tuned and keep us posted on projects that shine. editorial @ How Design [dot] com.

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  2. LEE Moody

    Love to follow Project H. I have found that all these groups and their peeps are friendly folks that will link, or FB to add you to their blogs ! It’s a lovely community to be a part of !
    Kindest regards ~ Lee

  3. Mike Williams

    It seems to me the largest focus of designing change is on industrial design. The message is so vitally important, and I would love to see more examples of paid graphic design that effects positive change; not just pro-bono work or self directed projects – but good graphic design work that produces a sustainable, livable salary for designers and studios. Industrial design seems well on the way toward merging profitable business/studio models with creating change. Is something impeding this from happening with graphic design? (Or is it happening and for some reason I’m just not seeing a lot of it compared to industrial design?) David Berman seems like a great addition – this post turned me on to his book, which I will definitely grab a copy of!