Designing For Films

Not unlike book cover designs, DVD covers for movies have to capture the essence of a film and communicate it instantly to potential viewers. Some of the most thoughtful DVD cover designs are for the Criterion Collection. The podcast “Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know” recently featured an interview with Criterion designer Eric Skillman. Skillman is also in the habit of blogging about his work and really explaining the thinking behind his designs. My favorites include his covers for “Yi Yi” and “Stagecoach” and “Pigs, Pimps and Prostitutes.” They couldn’t be any more different from one another but what they have in common is a masterful use of type.

Eric Skillman - DVD cover design Eric Skillman - DVD cover design Eric Skillman - DVD cover design

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.49.56 AM In this new Mastering Type Download Collection, we’ve assembled some of our top resources for helping you to demystify type and take your work to the next level.