Designing Marriage Equality

Might & Main, a design and branding firm based in Portland, ME, just launched a website to help gay couples in their state take advantage of the recent election that legalized same-sex marriage in Maine. Another great example of socially conscious design!

 At Might & Main, we were among the thousands of Mainers who rejoiced the legalization of same-sex marriage. A majority vote recognizing the right of all citizens to marry regardless of gender and sexual orientation was momentous, especially coming as it did after years of gains and setbacks for equality in Maine.

On Wednesday morning, we noticed many of our friends—lawyers, ministers, and even notary publics—expressing a desire to put their name out there as someone who would marry any same-sex couples who wanted to embrace the rights of this new law. Suddenly, we had an idea—a website where authorized officiants could create profiles and list themselves as willing and able to solemnize the marriage of anyone wishing to marry in Maine.

And so today, we are proud to announce the launch of this website,

We think it is an important moment in the debate on same-sex marriage—a resource that isn’t about passing legislation, rather providing the tools to actually get some same-sex marriages happening! is a celebration of the power of voting, the new rights for same-sex couples in our state, and the people of Maine as a whole.

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