Designing the News

Slate has an interesting article about why reading printed newspapers is still better than reading a digital version on a Kindle. It all comes down to design.

But both versions of the Kindle are missing what makes print newspapers
such a perfect delivery vehicle for news: graphic design. The Kindle
presents news as a list—you’re given a list of sections (international,
national, etc.) and, in each section, a list of headlines and a
one-sentence capsule of each story. It’s your job to guess, from the
list, which pieces to read. This turns out to be a terrible way to
navigate the news.

Posted by Megan

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  1. Peggy

    Hello. People fail forward to success.
    I am from Jamaica and learning to read in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "July � for the first time, thousands of mozambican preschoolers will soon experience the thrill of climbing a jungle gym, riding a seesaw and swinging in a tire thanks to idol gives back viewers."

    THX :o, Peggy.