Designs of the Year Exhibition Now Open

London’s Design Museum celebrates the Designs of the Year in an exhibition running from March 20 to July 7. Now in its sixth year, the Design Museum’s previous Designs of the Year winners include The Olympic Torch (2012), Pulmen light bulb (2011), Folding Plug (2010), Barack Obama poster (2009) and One Laptop Per Child (2008). As in the past, the contenders for the top award include the best and brightest designs from architecture, digital, fashion, furniture, graphics, product and transport. Nominations come from practicing architects, designers, academics and more, and the final selections are made after a month of assessing each nomination. A total of 99 designs were picked this year, including Western Europe’s tallest building (Rezno Piano’s The Shard), Microsoft’s Windows phone 8 and a non-stick ketchup bottle from the Varanasi Research Group masterminds at MIT.

The jury selected to choose the winner of this prestigious, “Oscars of design” award is comprised of Johanna Agerman Ross (“Disegno”), Amanda Levete (Amanda Levete Architects), Olga Polizzi, CBE (Rocco Forte Hotels), Sarah Raven (writer, “Sissinghurst — Creating a Garden”), Griff Rhys Jones (television presenter), Nicholas Roope (Antirom, Poke, Hulger and Plumen) and chaired by Ilse Crawford (Studioilse). A winner will be announced in April. Here’s what a few people had to say about the exhibit, this year’s theme and being nominated.

Designs of the Year offers a unique chance for visitors to see where the world of design is going, all in one room. – Deyan Sudjic, director of Design Museum


The extremes in scale of this year’s nominations are  extraordinary. The exhibition will encompass designs from the Shard, which  dominates the London skyline at 310 meters, to the pocket-sized Little Printer that  can  produce two-inch miniature newspapers. The  idea of open-source design—essentially do-it-yourself designing and making—comes through as a strong theme this year. – Pete Collard, curator


We have been overwhelmed by the  public  response to Rain  Room and for it to now be nominated for this award is incredible. We are  grateful to all those who have given their time to supporting the piece—and queuing to see it. – rAndom International, Digital Nomination – Rain  Room (

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Raspberry Pi was created by group of talented individuals who share a common vision  of finding a platform with which to engage both children and adults in computer programming and  hardware. I am delighted that we have been shortlisted for this preeminent design award. – Pete Lomas, Digital Nomination – Raspberry P (

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