Detailed Look at Adobe Creative Suite 5

Just 2 weeks after Adobe started shipping the full slate of CS5 products, HOW’s longtime technology columnist has taken all of them for a serious test-drive and offers up detailed reviews. Stephen Beale tells you whether it’s worth upgrading to the newest versions of the tools you use every day.

From Beale’s InDesignCS5 review:

Photoshop may be getting most of the attention, but of all the programs
in CS5, InDesign is the one that impresses me most. Adobe has added a
host of new features that may not be as flashy as Photoshop’s
content-aware fill or Repousse, but promise to improve productivity for
a wide range of everyday layout tasks.

From his look at Photoshop CS5:

One feature in particular, Content-Aware Fill, has been getting a lot
of hype for its “magical” ability to remove unwanted objects from
images, and this is one of those rare instances where the hype is