Developing Design Leadership Skills, Part 2

Creative business coach Marcia Hoeck will be presenting a live Design Tutorial on Wednesday, July 25 from 2-3pm EST, called Getting the Right Support: Effective Leadership and Team Development. We asked Marcia for her advice about managing a team:Marcia Hoeck: Creative Business Coach

HOW: What can you do as a manager or agency leader ongoing to help ensure you’re being the best leader you can be?

Marcia Hoeck: Being a good leader and managing well doesn’t just happen, and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us, either. It’s something you need to put aside time for, and be intentional about. As the boss, focusing on leadership is a major part of your job.

To make sure you’re being a good leader so your team can support the company in the best way focus on the three major principles of a great team:

  • encourage your people to think and act like owners
  • build a culture of inter-dependence
  • focus on each person’s value to the organization

HOW: What types of resources are good for developing leadership skills?

Marcia Hoeck: Ongoing education is essential for the leader of any organization, no matter the size. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward—you can’t stand still in business.

  • Read books, blogs, magazines, newsletters. Read, read, read.
  • Listen to telecasts and webinars. With all the information that’s available, there’s no excuse not to.
  • Take targeted workshops and attend industry and topic-specific conferences.
  • Develop your speaking and presentation skills.
  • Work with mentors and coaches. This gives you specific support from above to help you support those below.
  • Join mastermind groups and peer groups.
  • Become a community or non-profit volunteer and become involved in the organization’s leadership team.

If you have access to outside groups and other senior people in your industry, what’s the best way to cultivate a mentor relationship?

  • The reason more business owners don’t have mentors is because they haven’t taken the time to identify someone they’d like to have as a mentor, and they haven’t asked that person. It really is that simple.
  • Take the time to think about who you would like to have as a mentor. What about them do you admire? Can this person really help you grow—will they be able to help you stretch without being too much of a reach for you? What do they know about your industry? What connections do they have?
  • Volunteer for non-profit boards and organizations where these people also volunteer. Everyone is on the same level in these situations, and wonderful relationships can develop.
  • Everyone knows someone who knows someone. Ask people in your network who they could introduce you to who would be a good mentor for you.

You may be in a leadership position, but are you a strong leader? Are you supported by a strong team who gives you what you need? In this Design Tutorial, business consultant Marcia Hoeck will take you through some effective leadership development that will help answer questions like: What does it mean to be a good leader? How do you know when you are one? How do you get better if you’re not there yet? Because the key to getting the support you need is knowing how to motivate the people who work for you. Be one of the first 15 to sign up, and receive a free consulting call with Hoeck so she can work with you one-on-one!