Digital Degas

DAN$E is a a beautiful animated GIF project of dancers photographed in 360 degrees and digitally manipulated to appear as moving paintings. The project was created by Ryan Enn Hughes,  a Motion Picture Director and Photographer based in Toronto, Canada. (PS: You can learn how to make an animated GIF at HOW Interactive Design.)

To create DAN$E, I worked with photographs originally captured for The 360 Project, a collaboration with Canada’s National Ballet School. The 360 Project was funded by a Chalmers Arts Fellowship, which was awarded by The Ontario Arts Council to encourage research and development in image making. The 360 Project made use of 48 cameras aligned in a circle (designed by The Big Freeze), to photograph Dancers in 360°. The resulting 48 individual photographs were then assembled, like a flipbook, to create a rotating peak moment of action frozen in 360°. DAN$E made use of 12 of these 48 images, with each of the 12 frames painted digitally to resemble an Impressionist painting. I chose to present this project as a GIF and online, as I feel it is an very unique way to present digital work: it is non-time based/endless, and can be accessed by anyone online at any time.

Dan$e animated GIF project

Dan$e animated GIF project

Dan$e animated GIF project

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2 thoughts on “Digital Degas

  1. Robin Carrabotta

    Mr. Hughes ,
    I just wanted to say how beautiful your work is .I have become very much interested in your
    “style ” of photography.Never knowing what that “style” is .
    I come from a great background as my step father is a very successful commercial photographer and my Dad has worked As Art Director for well known agencies in NYC. He also has worked with Disney.He got his start with Stan Lee and went to school with the gentlemen that founded PushPin.At 83 years old , he still loves to work and teach.
    He has told me that I am a great conceptual photographer . OK…. so now what do I do with it.
    Again , your work is beautiful !

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