Digital DUMBO’s Innovative Lounge

You might have your own desk, but co-working and sites that allow designers to share ideas and for creatives to gather are on the rise – especially in large cities where space is a luxury that almost no one can afford. And, let’s be honest, it’s super cool that event spaces and co-working sites are become more interactive, immersive and, well, awesome. The newly opened dd:OUTPOST, a “community lounge and event space” is no short of these expectiations. Digital DUMBO partnered with Bing to create dd:OUTPOST, which was designed by Volvox Labs.

Andrew Zarick, CEO and co-founder of Digital DUMBO, gave us some more insights on the dd: OUTPOST and it’s purpose. This space will definitely make you feel creatively energized.


What’s the greater purpose that you hope that this space serves?
Founded in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, Digital DUMBO has been hosting events for forward thinking influencers from New York based technology, media, start-up and advertising companies for over four and a half years. We’ve produced some really unique experiences and have facilitated conversations around a variety of topics related to the changing digital and media landscape, but until now we’ve had to create these experiences in spaces that we couldn’t call our own.

dd:OUTPOST is a space that embodies the creativity and innovation that the companies and professionals that frequent our events embody. It’s a way for us to further engage our community of 13,000 young influential professionals that we’ve built up since our first event in DUMBO. It’s a way to experiment with what’s possible when architecture meets technology meets business and culture. We can’t even begin to imagine the experiences that dd:OUTPOST will enable for both our events and others that choose to make the space their own.

dd-outpost dd-outpost1How does this space take Digital DUMBO’s mission a step further?
Our mission is to connect communities at the intersection of digital and culture, not only in Brooklyn and New York, but to connect technology communities in cities globally. dd:OUTPOST anchors our community through physical space. It provides a place for digital tastemakers to conspire. It’s where debates are had, where people can experiment, and where ideas are born. There is an opportunity to use dd:OUTPOST to foster conversations locally, but perhaps in the future, across dd:OUTPOST locations through video conferencing, live streaming, and other creative means.

It also provides us with a controlled environment in which we can capture video and content from the valuable conversations and experiences that happen in the space, and share that content with the world, continuing our evolution into a media company.

Any upcoming cool events planned?
We just hosted SeedCamp’s first event in Brooklyn as well as our first drop-in co-working day where members of our community had private offices hours with the Principle of Microsoft Ventures. Some really cool stuff is on the horizon. We want to do pop-up showroom days where companies get the opportunity to design dd:OUTPOST, maker days where some of the technology in the room can be hacked, digital animation events with the projection mapped walls and more. There is no limit to what may happen here.


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