Division of Labor Creates Poster Designs for Live Nation

When you are creating poster designs for the biggest concert promoter in the country, they had better rock. Ad agency Division of Labor rose to the challenge, designing posters for Live Nation using the promoter’s rock n’ roll-oriented photography archive, Rock Paper Photo.

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Using images of music superstars such as Lady Gaga, Keith Richards and the Ramones, the posters incorporate clever witticisms against stunning black-and-white photos. My personal favorite features Jay Z with a tagline that reads, “Quoted more than Whitman, Twain and Kennedy combined.” Another features an iconic image of David Bowie with the text “DNA makes you unique. Something else entirely makes you Bowie.” View the full campaign on Division of Labor’s website.

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Division of Labor partner Josh Denberg spoke about the project, saying:

What better way to promote concerts than with some of the most amazing moments in concert history ever. For this campaign we had full access to the entire archive – legendary images from photographers such as Michael Zagaris, Baron Wolman and Ron Pownall.  We had tons of brilliant shooters.

Everyone working on the project just kind of dove into the site and started trolling around the bands and music they like best.  From that initial exploration we gathered a collection of shots that we loved purely as photographs and great rock moments. And then we started writing and designing.

The finished products will be showcased at Live Nation venues across the country, including Shoreline, The Palladium and Jones Beach.

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