14 thoughts on “Best of the Blog 2012: Do You Hate The New eBay Logo?

  1. Aram

    *shrugs* It’s not bad, Just dull. There’s a difference. Okay, the kerning could be better and that “y” just looks weird, but it’s not GAP redesign bad. The old logo screamed 1998. This one just kind of sits there quietly.

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  4. Excursioner

    I wouldn’t catalogue this as a bad logo, because it just works fot its objective. It’s like saying that Jeep or JCPenney don’t scream their brand with their logos. This is a new logo that improves what there was before and will need an extended campaign to note this change, this is where they’ll need to work it out so it connects with their market.

  5. Garrett Fresh

    Personally, I would say something like egads! But that’s not very professional. I would say that the mark initially does not stand well on its own (they’re not going to be selling T-shirts anytime soon).

    Perhaps when placed into the right context it could take on a tad more personality, but right now its Mr. Vanilla (or, if you’re hip to the 90’s, Del tha Funkee Homosapien’s “Mr. Bob Dobalina”). Me thinks they spent their marketing monies on their iPad UI, rather than a mark. Which, isn’t a bad thing, as their app effectively rocks.

  6. Adele

    New font, tight kerning, letters all in a row, not a problem for me. This logo is accessible, memorable (not nostalgic but genuinely memorable and easy to describe) and a ghost of it’s old self remains. Not bad. Ebay knows what it likes- if it aint broke… just tweak it ever so slightly.

    The slow and steady path to perfection.

  7. Ross

    Yes, I hate the new eBay logo. The tight kerning creates awkward and unsightly negative space around the letterforms and just seems like bad practice in general. The saying is “tight but NOT touching” after all. I prefer the overlapping characters of the former logo, but I’m personally big on anything with an overprint look.

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  9. Lans Tresidder

    Looking at the poll taken by eBay users themselves it appears that a clear 98% prefer the original logo.
    A basic business mistake is altering something familiar to your consumer base without asking the consumer/user what they like and want FIRST!
    Companies spend huge amounts on promoting brand consciousness and loyalty. Part of this is any symbol or presentation that the consumer recognizes and positively relates to.
    Even above aesthetics is the humility to consult your consumers.
    Are they going to be pig headed and fail Business and Marketing 101 or ask their consumers/users what they like and want?