Does Buying Creative Suck?

Eric Karjaluoto of smashLAB makes a really good argument that it does suck for clients and what design firm owners should do improve the experience.

In order to run a prosperous firm/agency, you need to make a concerted effort to treat it just like any other service-based company. While it likely makes you uncomfortable to hear this, the success of creative companies isn’t really about the creativity of your offering. I know world-famous designers who are broke, and complete hacks who live quite a nice lifestyle. Quality, while important, is subjective and can be hard to quantify; the relationships you have with your customers are what will most affect your bottom-line and the long-term health of your company.

0 thoughts on “Does Buying Creative Suck?

  1. David Burn

    It is all about the relationship. The relationship either allows for, or does not allow for, truly creative solutions. Where there is respect and trust between parties, the opportunity for elegant solutions rises considerably.