Dogs Rule

Following our earlier post today with pictures of Helen and Roxy, we’ve had a query about whether dogs are allowed at the HOW Conference. I’ve no idea if the Colorado Convention Center is dog-friendly (probably not, if I had to guess), but still it’s fun to imagine tails wagging all over the place. I know my four-legged pal would have a blast. This new photo comes from Lidia Varesco in Chicago, who says Essie would love to attend.

Posted by Bryn

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  1. lidia varesco design

    Essie says: please, oh please take me to the HOW Conference! I promise I will be good!

    Lidia says: thanks for featuring my "office assistant" Essie on the blog! Though I’m not sure she actually reads HOW Magazine, she does love to lay on my feet while I enjoy the latest issue.