Summit Brewing Company’s New Packaging Design

When perusing the adult beverages section of the supermarket, indecisiveness is not an option (unless you want to be there forever, in which case, please disregard my previous assessment). If you aren’t craving something specific or happen to feel experimental, any store with even a moderate selection can be difficult to navigate. The moments between weighing the options and selecting the first six pack you see is when packaging designs have their greatest opportunities to shine. Often the art of random beer selection comes down to one criteria: the best looking label. And now, thanks to Duffy & Partners‘ sexy redesign of Summit Brewing Company‘s packaging, the brewery’s Union Series Meridian Session Ale has become a top contender.












But the new, limited-release Union series of craft beers—the first of which is the Meridian Session Ale shown above—is not the only thing Duffy & Partners revamped. The complete rebranding project also involved updating Summit Brewing Company’s identity, packaging and more. One thing that hasn’t changed? The recipe. While the new series was “inspired by a union of new ingredients and time-honored brewing traditions,” Summit’s homepage promises “We’ve changed what’s on the bottle. But not what’s in it.”

The new packaging celebrates the proud tradition of Summit’s St. Paul, Minnesota brewing. The design for the new series was chosen to reinforce the handcrafted nature of the beer.









New designs for the company’s other brews, such as the Summit Great Northern Porter and the Summit Unchained Series, are set to be released in Fall 2013. For those looking to taste them all, the craft beers are available in these 17 states: Minnesota, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.









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