Elvis Swift Illustrates Dog & Cat Teapot

In the dog versus cat debate, I happen to consider myself more of a dog person, but American illustrator Elvis Swift has made the case for both with a new teapot design for Crate & Barrel’s 50th anniversary. To celebrate five decades of selling high-class home decor, the company will release a 50th&Forever collection of 12 limited-edition teapots sporting designs from 12 big-name artists. The June teapot will feature Swift’s doodled reimaging of “the iconic Arzberg teapot.” Only 200 teapots will be made and sold beginning June 1st, and each will be numbered and signed by Swift. Surely considered a collector’s item, this lovely water warmer will set you back $200.

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Swift sites radio personality Paul Harvey, a true yarn spinner in his stories for his “The Rest of the Story” segments that left listeners hanging until after the commercial breaks to learn the final details, as the inspiration for his illustration. As Swift puts it:

In the teapot’s case, one has only to turn the teapot around, or get up and walk around it, to learn the rest of the story. Anyway, dogs and cats always spin a pretty good yarn… like night and day, polar opposites, and who doesn’t like either or both?

To snag one of the 200 teapots, visit www.crateandbarrel.com/teapots.


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