Environmental Poster Series

Neenah Paper just released the second in a series of posters celebrating conservation. The first poster, released this summer, is printed on ENVIRONMENT® Papers, PC 100 White and is packed with facts about recycling. The second poster, released in October, highlights water and is printed on CLASSIC® Linen Papers, Recycled 100 Bright White.  The third, due in November, looks at energy and will be printed on CLASSIC COLUMNS® Papers, Recycled Bright White. 

“Environmental issues tend to be deadly serious subjects that many treat with a somber tone,” said Steve Sikora, co-owner and creative director/copywriter of Design Guys, the Minneapolis-St. Paul firm who designed the Neenah Wallpaper Poster Series.

Taking the opposite tack, these posters were designed to have maximum visual impact — making the most of a few bits of text and being able to work singly or as a group. Both of those attributes increase the odds they will make their way onto plenty of walls — and stay there.

Posted by Megan