Envisioning The Future Of Design As A Creative Exercise

Paper company Arjowiggins has launched a project to capture what creatives think the future of the design will be like in 2023. This is basically one big creative exercise that will be preserved over the next 10 years and then reopened for exploration.

To mark the New Year, The Blank Sheet Project inspiration platform from Arjowiggins Creative Papers launches The Blank Sheet Project Time Capsule. The launch is an invitation for creatives from all areas of the arts and design to populate the Time Capsule with a personal vision of ‘Design and Creativity in 2023’. The only constraint is that each contribution must start with a blank sheet of paper, regardless of whether it ends up as an object, an image, a movie or some other creative or art format.

Contributions can be submitted on-line over a period of 6 months, until the end of June 2013. The website gallery will remain live until December 2013 so that participants and visitors to the site can share the content with Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. At the end of 2013 the site will be taken down and preserved by Arjowiggins Creative Papers for ‘rediscovery’ in 2023.

creative exercise

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