EPIC @ Chicago Design Week

Right smack dab in the middle of all the Chicago Design Week events June 11-16, EPIC will be hosting their 20/20 event, a quarterly gathering focusing on the intersection of design and social change. Presenters, ranging from creative directors to professors to other inspiring individuals, share insights from their recent world-changing efforts and experiences. If you can’t make it to this event, you can still meet EPIC and learn about their mission to change the world through design at HOW Design Live. (EPIC is HOW’s official nonprofit partner.)

Jake Nickell from Threadless Causes
Matthew Hoffman from the You are Beautiful Project

June 13th 2012
8:30AM to 9:30AM

Chicago Portfolio School
25 W Hubbard | Chicago, IL

Suggested Donation: $10
Breakfast and coffee provided!


EPIC at Chicago Design Week

Jake Nickell is Threadless’s young and fearless entrepreneurial leader. Jake has a passion for learning new things, from how to get t-shirts made to figuring out how to design and program an e-commerce website. Currently, he’s focused on running the worldwide, hugely successful business that Threadless has become. He likes to think creatively and unconventionally about how to keep Threadless one step ahead by encouraging nutty employee ideas and staying away from the “business” side of running a business. Jake also continues to keep up his geek cred through a love for programming. When he’s not working, he’s busy hanging out with his wife Shondi, daughter Arli, and son Dash in their Colorado home.

Matthew Hoffman (of the You are Beautiful Project) is a midwestern born designer and artist located in Chicago. His work has been exhibited internationally for the last 10 years under a host of aliases and complicated pseudonymes. His recent solo exhibitions at Yes in Cincinnati, and Public Works in Chicago were of the first using his actual name. His work has been featured in various magazines such as Good, the New York Times Magazine, and ReadyMade. Hoffman has been published by the likes of Gestalten, Mark Batty, Droog, and Taschen to name a few.

Hoffman is an active communicator, instigating spirited imagination often via unconventional routes. Hoffman doesn’t simply excite for the sake of making a splash. He elicits a public discourse using every opportunity to facilitate a striking visual relationship with contemplative communication. While some of his acts may be mistakenly perceived as mere pranks—the provocative nature of his work, (regardless of method) is the unexpectedly positive and assuring messaging he consistently employs.

Hoffman believes he (like everyone) is a work in progress. He is a strong advocate of fighting against the paralyzing effect of the self editing process. He firmly believes in the act of doing, and vigorous effort needed for positive momentum. “Do the work, have the hope” is his current working philosophy. He openly invites dialogue and discussion as he publicly continues to develop his message,and hone his craft.