Festive Fonts

The Font Bureau has combed through its collection to highlight a few faces that are perfect for the upcoming holidays. Dress up your studio’s holiday party invitation, client gifts and seasonal greetings with these novelties …

Narcissus is based directly on a 1921 German
revival of Fournier’s celebrated 18th-century ornamented types and
conveys an organic charm.

Niagara Engraved, on the other hand, recalls the crisp, elegant, soaring geometry of the early 20th century.

Ironmonger Inlaid
may have been originally inspired by wrought iron and perforated steel,
but in the right context it can be surprisingly festive.

The Zingha Deco styles apply the engraved technique to more contemporary letterforms, in both upright and swash italic styles.

And Nutcracker is a design unto itself—conceived, as the name implies, especially to express the character of the season.

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