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richard2When it comes to branding, I expect more from a company like Home Depot, which recently introduced a new spokesperson – Richard – think “Rebel” archetype.

By the way, Richard is a cat that likes to demean his humans especially as they partake in DIY projects. In Richard the Cat: Pundit of the People, he tells the audience how his family drove him so crazy last winter that he left. Now he’s back, “to supervise the helpless humans” so that they don’t make “too many atrocious adjustments to my home.” The woman of the house is taken to task for her “appalling arrangements,” but Richard finds that “sometimes their incompetence” has a silver lining.

Not only is the script not funny -“Oh, there’s the woman of the house, deep in the garden, with no idea that I didn’t use the litter box yesterday,” the constant swipes at the humans gives me a distaste for the entire Home Depot brand.

Kathryn Emery, Home Depot’s spokesperson told to Brandchannel, “We think that humor plays well in social channels and Richard’s voice gives our brand an opportunity to step outside that box and talk to new audiences within new channels.”


What do you think? Do cats make good spokespersons for non-cat products? Do these videos make you smile or cringe. And, does Richard’s dialogue make you feel like it’s a direct reflection on how Home Depot views their customers?

You decide.



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