Are You a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur?

Firebelly UniversityFirebelly University, unveiling this year, is a 9-month incubator program offering a chance for 5 aspiring socially conscious entrepreneurs to start their own design studio and build a social enterprise, under the wing of Dawn Hancock, founder of Chicago-based Firebelly Design and its nonprofit arm Firebelly Foundation.

Hancock and her tremendous team at Firebelly, aim to teach participants the nuts and bolts of business by collaboratively running their own real-world design studio complete with real clients. At the same time, engagements with community and industry leaders teach and inspire as studio members lay the groundwork for launching their own entrepreneurial ventures.

“The Firebelly business model is one that leads to a lot of questions,” shares Hancock.
“I’m constantly asked if I live on ramen noodles because other business owners find it so hard to believe that we can do what we do and still turn a profit. We can and we do. We’re looking for super-humans and believers who want to do just that. We want to create a whole army of entrepreneurs who understand that doing good and running a sustainable, profitable business or nonprofit are not mutually exclusive. That is why we are starting Firebelly University.”

Applications are due July 25 and the program will run Sept. 2011-May 2012 in Firebelly Design’s Chicago offices. Find out more.

0 thoughts on “Are You a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur?

  1. Elaine


    What a great program! I’m interested in best practices, from the hands-on route.

    I’d love to take this opportunity, although I’ll be out of the country and will have to take care of some business when I get back. Will there be another program like this after March 2012? I think this is absolutely perfect!

    Please let me know. Thanks!


    ps: The Firebelly site’s rad! 🙂 I love your application of CSS3.