Written and designed by creative power couple Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Flaunt is an exploration of what it takes to make a great portfolio. The book will start shipping on Feb. 22, but the digital version is available now.

Through more than forty case studies, nearly twenty interviews with
experienced professionals, and a series of (nonscientific) surveys, Flaunt
is a resource for design students as well as young, experienced,
freelance, and independent designers. It explains how one can find a way
to cohesively, succinctly and creatively showcase their work through an
accessible, effective, and creative portfolio. Flaunt
showcases a variety of alternatives through a selection of portfolios
that represent both the most common approaches as well as some offbeat
executions. Hopefully, this book will help ease the anxiety and burden
of creating a portfolio—and, perhaps, even help demystify the process
of putting it together, along with the expectations of presenting it.

Posted by Megan