Folkloric Animal Art-Inspired Wish List

I could look at Eleanor Grosch’s work for hours, so was anxious to see what would be on her designer wish list. She’s an illustrator who loves drawing animals and finding clever ways to simplify ideas down to their essence. When it came time to pick must-have items, she was drawn to the colors and patterns found in  folkloric animal art.

“I think that folk art influences so many artists whether they realize it or not.  I know that the artwork of the Pacific Northwest in particular is really stylized and simplified in a cool way, and that probably has more to do with my style being the way it is than I even know!”

—Eleanor Grosch

1. Totem Plaque 2.Pacific Northwest Eagle Print 3.Mexican Otomi Fabric Runner 4. Embossed Notecards 5. Cambodian Fish Messenger Bag 6. Dragon Fly Moccasins 7. Owl gourd 8. Ivory Seal Brooch 9. Peruvian Arpillera Artwork 10. Guatemalan Quetzal Earrings 11. Peruvian Wool Vicuna 12. Haitian Tree of Life 13. Mexican Tin Rooster 14.  Textile Bird

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