Follow Up on the Design Contest

We received this information from Domtar about the design contest that has attracted attention and commentary today. From Domtar:

We have received a number of complaints relative to our recently released Insert Design Contest. Domtar would like to offer a sincere apology to the design community and we are retracting the contest immediately. Designers are amongst our greatest allies and your work is of the highest value to us. It was not our intent to offend anyone. We hear you and realize we did not think this through. Please accept our most humble and genuine apology in this matter.

0 thoughts on “Follow Up on the Design Contest

  1. Paul

    Not very good communication. What about the contest attracted attention and commentary? I received an email from Domtar announcing the contest then the retraction and apology. What were they apologizing for? How can Domtar take ownership for what happened if they don’t mentioned what happened?

  2. Lauren

    I agree with Paul. I have no idea what the uproar is about. Since everything’s been retracted, I can’t find out why it’s a big deal. I can’t imagine what would be offensive about a design contest…?