2 New Font Families from The Font Shop

Are you need of some new font families with a hand-made feel? The Font Shop  released 2 font families that might be up your font-loving alley.

First, the new family from the Hamilton Wood Type foundry,  Catchwords.  Designed by Miranda Roth, Catchwords is a fun, unique take on wood type. Focused on catchwords, such as “and,” this OpenType font might add some old-timey character to a design or act as an embellishment. 

The "Catchwords" Font Family

The “Catchwords” Font Family

We are loving how this type brings the art of hand lettering to “catchwords” and includes several variations within one family. You can pick up Catchwords for the web for $50 and OpenType for $24.95 – each package only includes this font. According to The Font Shop, the Hamilton Wood Type is a collaborative project between P22 type foundry and Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. All of the designs in this foundry speak to the art of wood type, so be sure to check out the other font families.

The OpenType, "Rolling Pen" Complete package

The OpenType, “Rolling Pen” Complete package

And, the “Rolling Pen” family is an interesting collection. Meant to look like it was handwritten with a ballpoint pen, there are several different fonts to choose from, such as the “Rolling Pen Curly” and the “Rolling Pen Extras.” Each font is available for varying prices and created by the Argentinian foundry, Sudtipos. It might add a personal feel to a website or another digital project…or it may help in forging some signatures?


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