Font Management

Design blog idsgn wants to know how designers manage their fonts. They did a Twitter poll and then asked some of their favorite designers for recommendations.

Unless your name is Massimo, chances are you have more than three or four typefaces in your collection. Personally, I have always struggled to keep my font library organized. Over the years I have tried a number of software applications, but never felt completely comfortable with what I’ve used. It’s a huge investment to try out a new solution, so that typically means putting up with the bloated or sluggish software in exchange for some ‘time-saving’ features like auto-activation and font previews.

In hopes of finally discovering a better solution, I asked our Twitter followers earlier this week:

What is your favorite font management application?


Is there something better out there? It soon became apparent that I am not alone in my quest:

Post the results of that question please! We’ve been having a debate about that in my office.


Those with a favorite were largely split between Linotype FontExplorer X (Mac, $79 USD) and Bohemian Coding’s Fontcase (Mac, $56 USD)—with some Extensis Suitcase Fusion (Mac & PC, $99.95 USD) sprinkled in.

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