For The Love Of Poster Design

The Just Love Project is the brainchild of Wisconsin-based designer Joshua Krohn. The collaborative poster design project is his effort to keep a simple New Year’s resolution going for the entire 12 months of 2012. All proceeds will benefit the children’s charity Hello Somebody.

The Resolution
Just Love. That’s it. Something so simple but yet something so difficult to do. How many quarrels, poor attitudes, terrible decisions, or dragged-on fights could have been avoided if we would have reacted in love instead of being annoyed or angry? Life is too short to spend it rushing to anger instead of love.

The Plan
To aid in in this resolution, a fantastic team of graphic designers, typographers, and illustrators have been assembled to design a limited-edition print for every month of 2012. In total, there will be 14 designs released over the course of the year. These 18″x24″ designs will be gorgeous, two-color, hand-pulled, screenprinted posters.

The Cause
What is love if we don’t pass that love on to others? 100% of the profits from this project are being donated to Hello Somebody, a Texas-based charity. Their goal is to feed and educate children in impoverished countries. Your purchase will directly benefit their amazing mission.

via Design Work Life

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