For Your Consumption

We weren’t entirely sure what to make of this new book from our colleagues from sister publisher, Adams Media. Junk Foodie is a new title by Emilie Baltz that’s full of nutty “recipes” for crazy junk food combinations. If you’ve got access to a vending machine, a microwave and a little creativity, you too can concoct such delicacies as the Ho Ho Buche de Noëll (a Hostess Ho Ho + Gummies + a packet of hot chocolate) or the Twinkie Napoleon (Twinkie + potato chips) or Sweet ‘n’ Salty Tea Sandwiches (potato chips + animal crackers + 2 packets of mayo). OK, so that last one grosses us out a bit.

This book is totally up your alley if you meet any of the following criteria:

1) your pantry is routinely stocked with marshmallow fluff, gummy candy, Hostess and Little Debbie products and salty snacks
2) you regularly find yourself at work late at night, starving, with only the vending machine as a source of nourishment
3) you’re in design school, preferably in your senior thesis year and pulling all-nighters

Play with your food? You betcha. Still hungry? Check out the Junk Foodie website.

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