Four Design Challenges

David Sherwin is working on a book for HOW and is looking for a few more contributors to feature:

I’m almost done with the first draft of the 80 Works book—which includes design solutions for almost 80 challenges. I say almost
because there are four challenges that have been attacked by a number
of designers… but it has fought the majority of them to a dead

Can you help me solve these challenges? It would be a great help, as
I’d really like to promote more of the amazing talents that are out
there in the design community.

And thank you, in advance, if you’d like to participate. Contact me at dksherwin at msn dot com
if you want to take one of the following design problems on and
potentially get your solution into my upcoming book from HOW Design.

The deadline for completing the challenge is July 26, so don’t wait!

Posted by Megan

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