Four Stock Photo Trends

When you think about recent cultural trends, what comes to mind? Mustaches? Vampires? If you were to guess these types of viral images have made their way into stock photo trends as well, you wouldn’t be far off. According to a new trend report from iStock by Getty Images, two of the top four stock photo trends include facial hair and a common Halloween character.Here’s what Rebecca Swift, head of creative planning for iStock by Getty Images, had to say about the newly revealed trends:

Visual identity plays a vital role in the branding strategy of a business, and one way of keeping a brand fresh is by tapping into the latest visual trends. While you wouldn’t want to adopt every trend wholesale, nodding to the latest textures, styles or imagery will keep your marketing feeling relevant.

Read on for information on which four categories of images are suddenly in vogue.

Beards stock photo trend

1. Beards

It’s official: Mustaches have had their moment. Beards are the hip facial hair of the moment, and images featuring a unshaven men are big right now. Luckily, Movember is just around the corner, which means it’s perfectly acceptable to emulate this trend in real life, too.

Witches stock photo trend

2. Witches

Has the Twilight era finally ended? According to the stock photo trend report, witches are stealing the limelight just in time for Halloween. Images feature the fantasy figures in everything from pointed hats to enchanting ballgowns. Don’t miss out on some stunning photos that are sure to have you convinced that black magic is back.

Involved dads stock photo trends

3. Devoted Dads

The emphasis on the modern family man’s characterization as an involved, hands-on caregiver has increased. This is also true in stock photo trends, where Dad is pictured playing with his children or having a heart-to-heart with his father. Expect to see images with dad and child enjoying special time together.

Hand drawn illustration stock photo trend

4. Handcrafted Illustration

The craft trend continues with handmade illustration. Tools like pen and ink, chalk, paint and brushes are in, and the results are playful images that feel unique in spite of their “stock” designation. It’s a nice departure from the usual computer-centric illustration route.


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