Free DesignCast on October 6th

That Resonates with Me! Change the World One Presentation at a Time.

Presented by PicScout

Presentations are the language of business and those who master communicating with them rise faster than their peers, reach more customers than their competitors, create a groundswell.
Presentation innovator Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design, will demonstrate how to apply the methods in her book Resonate: Presenting Visual Stories That Transform Audiences. Her groundbreaking work details a new way of structuring a presentation and connecting with an audience – helping the presenter create a human connection.  The session will be moderated by PicScout, providers of the free ImageExchange tool for creative professionals.
Changing the world starts with transforming an audience and an audience will only change if you resonate with them.
In this session, you will learn to:

  • Leverage the hidden story structures inherent in great communication   
  • Connect with your audience empathetically   
  • Create captivating content   
  • Craft ideas that get repeated   
  • Inspire enthusiasm and support for your vision

This session is for leaders who are tasked with communicating clearly and persuading through verbal communications.

When: Wednesday, October 6th 4PM EST

Registration is free, but space is limited! Reserve your space today.