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If you’re ready to start designing your holiday card for this year, French Paper offers lots of colorful options in both card stock and envelopes (in easy-to-order small quantities). But what’s really cool is that buying paper from French also buys you access to a collection of 25,000 free stock illustrations from CSA that you can use to design your cards. The Christmas category alone has 361 images. Of course, if you’re too busy to design your own cards this year, French also manufactures the extensive Pop Ink  line of pre-printed wraps, cards, and gifts, freeing you up for more quality time with the in-laws.

French Paper (free stock illustrations)

Flourish Banner FrameIf you’re looking for more design elements to use in your work, don’t miss Von Glitschka’s Flourish Banner Frame.Flourish Banner Frame is an amazing library of 555 original symbols, floral motifs, border treatments, frills, banners, shields, crests, ornaments, decorative frames, placards and cartouches. Each design element has been crafted with vector precision, and you can use this artwork within the context of your own projects, whether they are personal or professional in nature.