Freelancers: Join a Tribe!

Ivette Cortes, a Chicago-area designer, recently spoke with designer and business coach Peleg Top (co-founder with HOW of the Creative Freelancer Conference) about a “tribe” that she joined along with 8 other CFC attendees who met at last year’s event for the first time. Cortes and the tribe have stayed in touch since then, helping each other with business issues. Here’s a snip:

I noticed on the message board that one of the attendees had put up a note about organizing a group for dinner. After the session I met the group and we had such a great time that I took a cue from you, Peleg, and suggested that we form a tribe. There were nine of us who went out to dinner and by the end of the conference we had four more. Whenever we have work-related problems, someone shouts it out and most of the time one of us has had a similar issue and can give advice.

It’s a great example of how creatives, especially freelancers, can tap a network of peers to share their advice and expertise. They collaborated on a name, Solo Mafioso, and are working on a logo. Awesome!!!

Listen here.

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