“Frenemies!” In-House Design Event

As an in-house design leader, you have to tackle unique issues. And you know that it’s important to discuss new approaches and in-house specific business solutions with other design leaders. Our friends at InSource also know the importance of these discussions. On November 14, 2013, they will host “Frenemies! The In-House/Outside Agency Relationship” design event to cover issues relevant to you. (That’s right, they worked “frenemies” into the title for a business event.)

PrintTo be held at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, the “Frenemies!” panel will include several design leaders who will discuss their design management experiences and ideas, and the event will spend some time on brainstorming, too.

So far, the panelists include: Ken Carbone from CSA Carbone Smolan Agency, Thomas Wright, director of advertising and design at Neenah Paper and Randy Hunt, creative director at Etsy, and more panelists will be announced. Registration is only $35. Andy Brenits, president of InSource and creative services leader for APS will act as moderator. Brenits explains the event:

This discussion panel rounds out our series of events on the in-house/outside agency relationship, a topic both sides of the creative industry have been talking about lately. Some on the agency side are feeling threatened, but we feel that there’s a better relationship to be built out of this changing model for where the work is being increasingly done. We can [in-house and outside agencies] both exist harmoniously, if we can learn to respect what we each bring to the table.

InSource, celebrating their 10th anniversary, will also have raffle off several prizes, such as  signed copies of “Dialogue” by Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan, Etsy gift cards and letter-pressed notecards from Neenah. According to InSource, they will continue to announce new panelists and prizes until the event.


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