Friday Free Font Find: Courier Prime (A Text Font)

Everyone knows what Courier looks like. It’s an old-school typewriter font that doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose anymore. But screenwriters and filmmakers actually rely on Courier—its uniformity allows them to estimate screen time (1 page = 1 minute of screen time). The team at Quote-Unquote Apps thought it was time to give them a text font that wasn’t so darn ugly so they designed Courier Prime. Download it for free.

It’s perfect for page and screen. Screenplays have a lot of white space, so we made Courier Prime a bit heavier to balance things out. It looks just as good on your monitor as out of the printer. Other Couriers just slant the letters to create faux italics. We give you a whole new face, modeled off the “casual” script of vintage typewriters, that looks magnifique.

Courier Prime was designed by Alan Dague-Greene for John August and Quote-Unquote Apps.


Courier Prime

courier prime

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