Nerd Alert: Superpowers Infographic Poster

A frequent debate I have isn’t nearly as sophisticated as I would like to admit. It’s usually on long car trips or casual Sunday walks that the question is posed: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Cue the long, drawn out discussion of why my chosen super power is or is not a good choice. And what good it would be for humanity? Sometimes I just want to fly or read minds.

I may need to invest in this Infographic Super Powers Poster, which is sold on the UK site Rose & Grey, just so I can take out a laser pointer or a long stick and map out the potential choices. This would add a whole new level of, um, awesome to the discussion.

Even if you’re not into super powers and comics, you’ll enjoy checking out this fun interpretation of a infographic. The Infographic Super Powers Poster combines the realm of fiction with the popular visual that typically displays factual information. The style, layout and typography of this poster captures an older “retro” comic book feel, and the division of the super powers into seven major categories, such as “Powers of the Body,” makes it easy to understand the connections between the super powers.

In the upper left corner, the poster has icons to represent some of the more popular comic book characters, such as Thor and the Hulk, and each super power is linked to a comic book character that has this power (which may lead to whole other debate). Oh, and I still want telepathy.



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