Future Blooms Fights Blight

Creativity’s impact can run deep, and in some cases—change lives. Basically in my own back yard in Cincinnati exists a program called Future Blooms where professional artists, architects and hundreds of volunteers and students are breathing new life and beauty into formerly not-so-friendly vacant buildings. The team takes a building plagued by signs of neglect (boarded windows, graffiti, etc.) and makes its exterior more viable through artistic enhancements in effort to help the area reach its full potential.

“Future Blooms is a high impact/low cost program that not only beautifies the community, but also deters crime and blight,” says Catherine Richards, program director. Currently, 260 buildings have been “bloomed,” 30 lots enhanced, and 10 vacant storefronts transformed—all to help restore the identity and character of the property as well as help residents and potential businesses re-imagine the neighborhood.

Check out their video: Future Blooms Pepsi Grant Video