Game Design

Designer/illustrator Kyle T. Webster recently designed his first iPhone game and it’s a minimalist’s dream.

White Lines is a simple, sophisticated, and stimulating memory game in
which players must redraw sequences of lines that travel across the screen.
Lines must be drawn in the same order and direction as they first appeared.
A green light with a soft musical tone lets the player know that a sequence
has been correctly drawn and another sequence is about to begin. A red
‘X’ along with an error sound let the player know to pause and watch the
sequence again if a mistake is made. After two mistakes, the game is over.
The game play gets more difficult as users advance through levels (Easy,
Medium, Hard, etc.) because additional lines are added to each sequence.
At levels of four lines and up, White Lines is truly a great challenge
for one’s short-term memory and the design of the game makes it perfect
for equally satisfying short or long game play.

Kyle says that test players have called White Lines “the ultimate pass and play challenge,” a

game in which you try for a high score and pass it to somebody else who immediately tries to best it… and so on. Sounds like the perfect workplace time killer to me!

Posted by Megan