Gangsta Greek

The next time you’re working on a project for a particularly hip and/or urban client, don’t use tired old Latin Lorem Ipsum. Use Gangsta Lorem Ipsum insead:

Curabitizzle dizzle quis uhuh … yih! for sure mollizzle. Fizzle get down get down. Crackalackin odio. Vivamus neque. Shiznit dope. Cras fo shizzle mauris, interdizzle fo shizzle, feugizzle gangster amet, dope izzle, mah nizzle. Nizzle gravida. Vestibulizzle fizzle mi, volutpizzle izzle, uhuh … yih! mah nizzle, check it out that’s the shizzle, i’m in the shizzle. Crizzle doggy ipsizzle. Shiznit volutpat go to hizzle vel away. Fo shizzle quis justo pizzle purizzle sodales things. Boofron venenatizzle my shizz crazy own yo’. Uhuh … yih! dang. Suspendisse yo mamma placerat lacus. Rizzle you son of a bizzle ante. Tellivizzle shizzlin dizzle, away eu dapibizzle hendrerizzle, get down get down felizzle elementum sem, izzle aliquizzle felizzle luctus pede. Fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mah home g-dizzle izzle bizzle. Fizzle aptent crazy sociosqu izzle cool torquent per conubia nostra, pizzle shizzlin dizzle hymenizzle. Aliquam interdizzle, tellivizzle nizzle own yo’ nonummy, its fo rizzle orci viverra leo, gangster semper risus fo shizzle gangsta sizzle.

Thanks for the link, Claudean!

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