Get Inspired with The Daily Poster Project

Many artists challenge their creativity – and make some of us (me) look like slackers – by taking on daily design projects or even single projects that will take weeks, months or years to complete. I find this type of commitment impressive and inspiring. Adrian Volz, 2011 graduate of the Pratt Institute, is wrapping up his year-long, independent project. For the past year, this designer challenged himself to create a new poster every day based upon observations he’s made from his urban environment with his “The Daily Poster Project.”

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When you scroll through his online gallery, you can see the the dedication Volz applied to both the design aesthetic and the project. This daily creative endeavor has been a rewarding experience for this designer, as he explains it’s a way to “put forth my design stance and continually maintain my current and acquired design skills (layout, color, typography and form).” Volz explains the style behind the “The Daily Poster Project” in more detail:

While at Pratt I continually strived to acquire skills I would need for my career. I became highly interested in architecture, and focused on a way to merge graphic design and architecture. The design of the 1960s interested me, and I presented minimalist and streamlined work to class critiques. During school I visited all of the museums I could, the MoMA especially. Modernity plays a pivotal role in my work.

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While “The Daily Poster Project” is drawing to a close, Volz is already planning another design project. And for those of you that are making plans to start a creative undertaking of your own, he advises to “embrace design, follow design” and to “observe its function.” After all, this designer found inspiration in everyday places, such as “urban environments (books, newspapers, packaging, phone apps, signage, etc.),” and I know many of you find inspiration in the every day, too.

What would your Daily Poster Project look like?


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