Get Some Damn Good Design Advice From George Lois

George Lois
Live DesignCast

When: Weds., March 21, 2012
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM ET

This live presentation by one of the most important, accomplished, and respected creative minds of the past 50 years is the culmination of a lifetime of his iconoclastic and iconic thinking. Based on his recent book of the same name, Lois will discuss the process of creativity in all phases of design and how it relates to the conduct of life itself. Pulling examples from the book, like “Always go for the Big Idea,” “Never work for Bad People,” and “Don’t be a Crybaby,” Lois highlights his work with practical advice and, what he calls “kick-ass lessons.”

With passionate, punchy, and pungent examples Lois delivers a no-holds barred, in-your-face presentation, explaining, demonstrating, and ultimately teaching how to unleash your potential in any creative-driven industry. If you have talent, this talk will be a life-changing experience.

As “Mr. Big Idea”, and the “Big Daddy Progenitor” himself says, these ideas “go way beyond being tips – they are life-changing concepts and an attitude about how to reject con – and create icon.”

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