Getting Excited For HOW Design Live

Like most designers, I have a pretty cool and creative job as the editor of HOW. I get to look at amazing design work all the time. I get to research design firms around the world and talk to creatives who work for the coolest clients. But I sit in a cubicle every day and mostly connect with other people through the computer screen. That’s why I look forward to the HOW Conference every year so much.

You’ve heard all about the awesome speakers (and there are many) and you know that Boston is a fun city, but what really makes HOW Design Live worth attending is all the other people who are are going to be there.

No where in the world can you find a larger gathering of graphic designers. The creative energy is unimaginable and infectious. Being around so many people who understand the things that are important to me, who speak my language, is what gets me through the times when my job feels like work.

If you still haven’t decided whether you should go, whether you can afford the time away from the office, believe me, it will be worth it. You’ll meet designers who can help you solve business problems, speakers who will inspire you to take risks in your work and friends who you can connect with long after the event is over.

I can’t wait to meet you!

HOW Design Conference