Getty Announces Photography Grants

Getty Images recently announced that entries are now open for the 2013 Creative Grants program. Now in its fifth year, Getty Images Creative Grants will provide two grants to facilitate collaboration between photographers, filmmakers, agency creatives and nonprofits to create a visual campaign that promotes positive change.

This year, the two cash prizes of US$15,000 traditionally awarded to the winning photographer-agency or filmmaker-agency teams have increased to US$20,000 each. The grants will be shared equally between the photographer or filmmaker and their agency partner to cover costs as they work together to create compelling new imagery or video for the nonprofit of their choice.

Grant applications will be accepted from February 1 to March 1 on Getty Images Grants’ site at

Get inspired by the 2012 Creative Grant recipients:
Klause Thymann/ Getty Creative Grant winner

Photographer: Klaus Thymann
Nonprofit: Project Pressure
Agency: Mother London
Project Title: Project Pressure
Image credit: Klaus Thymann/ Getty Images Creative Grant recipient 2012

Linka Anne Odom/ Getty Creative Grant winner

Photographer: Linka Anne Odom
Nonprofit: Roter Lotus E.V and the D-Foundation
Agency: GoodPilot
Project Title: Pathways
Image credit: Linka Anne Odom/Getty Images Creative Grant recipient 2012

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