Good Design

I love it when design students create things that any professional would be proud to have designed.

Imagine if you could pick up Braille just by playing with a ball. A new conceptual toy by recent Pratt grad Danielle Pecora is designed precisely for that.

Be-B is a ball that helps kids, blind or not, learn Braille through touch and sound. Looking a bit like a stiff Koosh ball, it has 26 magnetic pegs, each depicting a letter of the alphabet in Latin on one side and Braille on the other. The object’s to fit the pegs into 26 circular indents in the ball that are themselves embossed in Braille letters. “A” in Braille, for instance, is a single dot, so you’d find the peg with one dot, then match it to the spot on the ball with one dot. An electronic device in the ball chimes when you get a letter right. It’ll also verbalize what letter you’re touching when you run your fingers over the indents.

Read more at Fast Company.

0 thoughts on “Good Design

  1. Lis

    I love this. It’s beautiful, innovative, and unique. Definitely something that could keep children engages. I agree with Emily, bringing Braille back to the forefront is a major plus.