Got Color?

You know those old Pantone chip books you have in your studio … the ones that are missing the entire row of PMS 307 because that’s your biggest client’s brand color, the ones that are super faded, the ones you used to have until your intern took them when he went back to school?

Yeah, those. Maybe time to replace them, eh? is now carrying Pantone’s new PLUS Series color products, and at great discounts. Save 18% on the Pantone Essentials set, a handy carrying case that holds six swatch Formula Guides that include process, match and web colors.

Pantone Essentials

Save $25 on the two-book Pantone PLUS Solid Chips Set (Coated and Uncoated) … or check out other single products and bundles at great savings. And while you’re shopping, pick up a copy of popular HOW Books author Jim Krause’s latest, Color Index Revised Edition, to help you choose the perfect colors for your next project.