Grant for a Newbie to Attend HOW Design Conference

Are you bumming because you have never attended the HOW Design Conference, and you were hoping that 2013 would be the year? For a newbie like you, that opportunity might be right around the corner. Some very generous HOW Design Conference veterans have organized (and are donating to) the HOW Veterans Grant.

HOW Veterans GrantIf the HOW veterans are able to raise $3,500, they will send a “newbie” to  attend all four conferences in San Francisco, covering the conference, airfare and a hotel room. If the grant raises double that, then they will send 2 new folks, and any amounts between $3,500 and $7,000 will be rolled over into a grant for next year. The lucky newbie will be chosen by the public from their submission that answers: “Why should you go to HOW?”.

And as a “veteran,” you can help out by donating or spreading the word.  Remember your first HOW conference? The excitement, the inspiration, the connections (and friends) you made. Ah, and how invigorated you felt (and still feel) leaving the conference, how you felt inspired to design, to grow in your field, to make beautiful things. Share the experience.

If you donate, even $10, you’ll get special recognition at the conference and “a little something to add onto your HOW badge” to show off your dedication to helping others in your field attend. Go ahead, and pay it forward.


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