Graphic Design News: April 1-8

Here is your graphic design news for the week:

Two Fonts Go Digital

Font fanatics rejoice! P22 and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum have announced the launch of two new digital typefaces: HWT Republic Gothic and HWT Star Ornaments. The former is a sans serif font that boasts brush-formed letters, imitating a style sign painters favored in the 1920s when the foundry first introduced the font.

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Originally issued in 6 different widths and in both outline and solid versions, this digital release features the Extended width known as Hamilton Republic Gothic series 775 & 776. The pair of outline and solid is designed as chromatics that can be printed one over the other to achieve multiple color effects or individually as stylistic alternatives.

HWT Star Ornaments is (as the name may indicate) made up of star-shaped glyphs. It also includes a star-spangled border.

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Star Ornaments are seen as a long standing companion to many wood type poster layouts. The twist on this digital version is the inclusion of additional connection options that become a unique lettering ‘kit’ that can create typography or maze-like connections using a limited set of component parts.

Floor Graphics Help Sell Beer

When Heineken USA’s Tecate brand wanted to sell more beer, they tapped Performance Companies to help generate new business. Performance Companies then reached out to FLEXcon to create metalized floor graphics for 1,500 stores across the country. The goal of the floor graphics are to direct customers to Tecate products (and away from the competition’s products) in stores and on the shelves.

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Tecate’s vice president of marketing Felix Palau talked about the project saying:

Tecate is always looking for ways to execute creative, in-store branding campaigns to stand out and attract consumers. We turned to FLEXcon and Performance Companies to create a custom solution for us, which is now being used in stores across the country and brings attention to our brand message. The solution FLEXcon developed allows us to easily remove branded messages in stores as branding campaigns change with the seasons and promotions.

Digital Color Validation Made Easy

Pantone‘s parent company X-Rite Inc. has reached an agreement with ColorMetrix Technologies, which produces the VerifiedColor software, to improve users’ ability to connect to the cloud-based color-management system PantoneLIVE Color Libraries.

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The VerifiedColor version that will make the process seamless is set to launch this summer. ColorMetrix’s CEO James Raffel talked about the partnership by saying:

Packagers, converters, wide-format printers and other customers that use VerifiedColor software to validate colors will save time and improve the accuracy of workflows throughout their supply chains with the new PantoneLIVE user interface. We believe PantoneLIVE will add value to both of our respective clients looking to streamline their color verification process. VerifiedColor takes custom spot color libraries and manages them with a state-of-the-art workflow and database system.

Want more color in your life (or in your design work)? Start with the NEW PANTONE PORTABLE GUIDE STUDIO.

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